Baby Book Club: The Snow Beast

The Snow Beast

By Chris Judge

Andersen Press

The Lonely Beast, Chris Judge’s debut, was the first book my son chose for himself at our local book shop. He was 18 months and he was drawn to the fuzzy black shape of the eponymous beast with his bright pinprick eyes. We  followed the adventures of the Beast as he travelled to the city to find some fellow beasts, and, in Judge’s second book, The Brave Beast, we saw the Beast take on an unknown enemy who was terrorising a nearby island. Though my son is now 4, he and his younger brother still love the books, and we were really excited at the prosepct of The Snow Beast.


The Snow Beast follows the formula set in the earlier books by sending the Beast on a journey, in this case across a snow-covered landscape. The dastardly Snow Beast  appears stealthily, a white mirror of the Beast camoflagued in the snow, and we had fun spotting his shape on the various pages. The plot – some missing tools – is a bit weak, but the Snow Beast’s iceberg mansion is a winner. We were delighted to get a second glimpse inside in the party scene on the final page.

The Snow Beast is a nice seasonal supplement to Judge’s first two books, but if you haven’t met the Beast before I would recommend starting with the earlier installments.


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