Baby Book Club: Hoot Owl

“Everybody knows that owls are wise, but as well as being wise, they are Masters of Disguise.”

This picture-book by Sean Taylor,with vivid illustrations by Jean Jullien, has just been nominated for the 2016 Laugh Out Loud Book Awards, The Lollies. My older boy loves this comical tale about an Owl who will go to any lengths to find something to eat. He variously disguises himself as a sheep, a carrot, an ornamental birdbath, and, eventually, a waiter, the perfect way to catch a pizza, apparently.


It took me a while to appreciate the book’s not-so-subtle absurdity (I have a preference for prettiness and poetry over humour), but it is hard not to find the funny in an owl in a carrot costume. Kids who love pretending to be super-heroes will discover a new and original role model in Hoot Owl, and his catchphrase has become a popular refrain around our house.


2 thoughts on “Baby Book Club: Hoot Owl

    • 4 plus probably Brenda. My 2 year old who is fairly broad-minded has no interest yet. That said, if your little ones have familiarity with Mo Willems’ work they might take to the humour quicker.

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