Baby Book Club: Naturama


By Michael Fewer with Melissa Doran

Gill Books

Inspired by the success of Irelandopedia, this is another beautifully-produced oversized book from Gill Books, which is designed to introduce young Irish readers to the natural world around them. It takes a seasonal approach, dividing its observations into sections on Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The illustrations are stunning, layering images upon each other collage-style, to create rich portrait of the natural world that is full of movement and colour.


The book is text heavy, but Michael Fewer’s language is accessible. SOme of our favourite facts included the revelation that slugs have 27,000 teeth: ‘so that’s what happened to our strawberries!’ the 4-year-old exclaimed. That Jellyfish are known as Smugairle Roin in Irish: we have adopted the translation, ‘seal snot’, for these pesky creatures.

Naturama is book to study before or after an outdoor adventure rather than to read aloud at nighttime. A few worksheets would have been a lovely addition. It is the kind of book that you will turn to many times over the year: an investment rather than an entertainment. I am really really glad we have a copy for our library.